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Hi I have recently installed family zone app on my daughters I pod 5 and when she is on the internet it is very very slow to load pics and connect. Is there a reason for this as she is very frustrated and is now making the whole process more difficult than before I installed this Any help appreciated Thanks Fiona

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First night last night of FZ on two teenagers laptops. Not a happy house. Lagging spotify, slow loading of internet pages. 

Completed a search here and see that I need to make sure the advertising settings are 'on' so that it should not effect streaming and internet speeds. Not a good start. Anything else I can check please. 

Hi Craig,

Are you still having issues with the speed of the Home Zone box? I can see you have a more recent ticket with us.

If you are still having issues, please let us know. Else, if you'd like us to assist over the phone, you can schedule a call back here at the bottom of the page:


David B

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