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Snapchat and Instagram working in sleep mode.

Hi guys, my sons snapchat and instagram are blocked during sleep mode however he can still access these, any idea why?

Hi Lawrence,

I have checked an account in your name supplied by Waverley College linked to a hotmail email address. The account does not have any devices linked to it.

For the filtering to work you need to install Mobile Zone on the devices you want filtered.

If you have installed Mobile Zone on the devices but they are linked to a different account please contact us with the relevant details and I can look into this further.

Our contact number is 1300 398 326. You may also contact us if you need assistance installing and activating Mobile Zone on your son's devices

Hi i am having the same problem with Instragram and snapchat on my daughter's phone as well.  Could you please offer any advice? Thanks

Hi Maree

I have looked into your account and can see that your filtering controls allow Snapchat during Play Time & your daughters play time is set for almost all day, if this is not correct or intended, please give our support team a call on 1300 398 326 to sort out this issue.

Kind Regards

Zac J

Customer Service Rep

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