Why did I get this alert?

We have detected that one of your Mobile Zone devices has a hazardous app installed. Hazardous apps prevent our content filtering technology and school filter systems from operating.

If you get this alert it means the device is currently unprotected or filtering is being disabled when the user chooses.

What do I need to do?

Uninstall the hazardous app urgently.

What are Hazardous apps?

For more information about Hazardous app, please read the following guide


I am regularly getting this alert. What can I do?

You may wish to set a “consequence”. You can choose to disable a user’s devices if a hazardous app is detected again. You can re-enable the device when you choose, ideally after the hazardous app is removed. To set-up a consequence, sign in to your account and go to Cyber Safety > Controls > Alerts. Check out our guide to dealing with misbehaviour.

Can I change policy settings for my users?

Users may be violating controls because the settings are not properly tuned. For example, they may be overly restrictive. Read our guide for more information.