What is SCP - Students?

SCP - Students is a view within Family Zone’s School Community Platform that allows users to view and sort students that need to be managed within their school.

What can I see in SCP - Students?

You can see the following columns:

  • First Name

  • Surname

  • Year Group

  • Policy

  • Family Zone Status

  • Devices

  • Alerts

  • Parental Overrides

What do the columns mean?

  • Year Group - This is the year group to which the student has been allocated. This determines what calendar and filtering policy are applied. 

  • Policy - This tells you if a student is being managed during school time only or is fully managed by the school.

  • Family Zone Status - This tells you if the student’s guardians Family Zone account is active. If  they are invited, you have the option to resend the invitation email.

  • Devices - This tells you how many devices that student has protected by Mobile Zone

  • Alerts - This gives you information on potential problems on student devices 

  • Parental Overrides - This column tells you if an override to school settings has applied on that day

How can I filter the Student List? 

Please follow the instructions in our How To: Filter the Student List.

What categories can I use to filter the Student List?

  • Year Group 

  • Family Zone Status 

  • Devices 

  • Parental Overrides 

What do the different Family Zone Status’ mean?

  • Invited - the student’s guardian(s) have been sent and email inviting them to complete the set up of their Family Zone account however they have yet to complete this.

  • Active - the student’s guardian have an active Family Zone account that is opted into School Community, this does not mean the child is protected, check the status of devices

  • Inactive - the student’s guardians have either opted out of School Community or cancelled their Family Zone subscription, if you are concerned you should contact the guardians

Can I export the list?

No, the list can’t be exported at this stage.