What is SCP - Students’ Details?

SCP - Students’ Details is a view within School Community Platform Dashboard that lets you view and manage the details of individual students.

What can I see in SCP - Students’ Details?

You can see the following columns:

  • User Information 

  • Policies

  • Alerts

  • Devices

  • Apps

How do I find  a student’s details page?

Please follow the instructions in our How To: View a student's details.

How do I update a student’s year group?

Please follow the instructions in our How To: Update a student’s year group.

What devices show in the Devices section?

The devices that show in the Devices section are those which have Mobile Zone installed and are activated on that student’s family’s account.

What alerts can I see in the Alerts section?

In the Alerts section, you can see whether a student has a Parental Override in place for that day.  By clicking on “View History,” you’ll be able to see an audit log of Parental Overrides for that student.

What devices can I see apps for in the Apps section?

You will see apps for Android devices or iOS devices that are not in filter-only mode.  

The student has an active device, why can’t I see them in SCP?

If the Family Zone status is “Inactive” you will not be able to see devices and apps for that student as their guardians have opted out of School Community or they have cancelled their account.